12-Our Strategy

Our Strategy

To be the leading South African FMCG company with a strong African footprint on a globally recognised scale.

Leading means:
Number 1 or 2 in select categories:

  • Innovation at the core
  • Consumer and category led
  • Thought leadership with customers where Group holds the number 1 position
  • Global best practice within all functions
Africa means:
  • South Africa
  • Southern Africa: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Mauritius
  • East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia
  • West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, DRC
FMCG means:
  • Branded Goods
  • Private label products governed by “rules of engagement”
  • Food and beverage products
Globally means:
  • Targeted export destinations or viable acquisitive growth

Strategy implementation
Pioneer Foods’ two main objectives as a business are strengthening its brand positions and expanding its margins. To ensure we go from strength to strength in these areas, we focus on six specific strategic themes. The effective implementation of our strategy as a whole is an ongoing and dynamic process. Pioneer Foods is focused on embedding our business model to ensure The Group reaches its full potential.


Shaping a Winning portfolio

Seed – Weed – Feed


Focus on power brands

Enhance brand strength of winners and fully leverage market positions


Embed strategic customer management

Collaborate to win in modern and traditional trade


Reset the cost base and step up productivity

Establish an efficient cost structure and organisation


Build a high performance team

Establish a high performance culture and invest in the capabilities we need to win


Adopt sustainability practices in all we do

Increasing profitability whilst considering and measuring our impact on the planet and people